LASIK or Contacts

LASIK vs Contacts

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it right? What if there is something better available? A recent study shows LASIK has a higher satisfaction rating over contacts. LASIK can also be a safer option, and when compared to decades of contact lens use, offers more cost savings! Not to mention the simplicity for your lifestyle when you are not limited by contacts and glasses. Weigh the options of LASIK vs Contacts, you might be surprised which is the better method of vision correction for you!

Did You Know…

Keratitis, a painful eye infection often linked to improper contact lens use, leads to 1 million doctor and hospital visits annually.†

Patients are happier with LASIK than contacts


Dr. Parker conducted his fellowship under one of the top corneal specialists in the field, Dr. Francis Price Jr. in Indianapolis, Ind. Dr. Price and his colleagues published a three-year study in May 2016 concluding that 97% of LASIK patients reported higher satisfaction with LASIK than previous contacts, 2% of patients were indifferent.1,2 Click here for the details of the study comparing LASIK vs contacts.
LASIK vs contacts: LASIK is better than contacts
LASIK is safer than contacts


With LASIK being a surgical procedure, it may be assumed there is more risk involved with laser vision correction than with contacts. A study released in 2006 by the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and The Casey Eye Institute concluded that contact lenses are not always the safer choice.
According to the CDC, 98% of contact lens wearers do not practice proper hygiene with their contact lenses putting them at an increased risk for infection.3 OHSU researchers found that daily contact lens wearers have about a one in 100 chance of developing a lens-related eye infection and a one in 2,000 chance of suffering significant vision loss as a result of the infection.4 Vision loss associated with LASIK surgery is reported to be closer to one in 10,000 cases.5 If you overwear, sleep in, or do not properly clean your contacts, LASIK may be a safer method of vision correction for you.
LASIK is cheaper than contacts


Depending on the type of contacts you wear–soft lenses, toric, extended-wear, gas-perms–there are replacement costs, care products, and extra eye exams involved. These components add up! With payment plans as low as $112 per month, LASIK offers short-term cost whereas you have costs associated with contacts as long as you can wear them extending 10, 15, 20, 30 years. Use the Contacts Cost Calculator to calculate what you will be spending on contacts.
LASIK vs Contacts


What would you love most about the iLASIK procedure? Go on vacation WITHOUT all the bottles, lenses, and backup glasses. Wakeup and see the alarm without putting anything in your eye or on your face. Play sports without the discomfort or hazard of vision correction. Enjoy being outside anytime of the year without wanting to scratch your eyes out! Go to the waterpark with your kids and join in the splashing and fun! Contact us today to setup your free LASIK consultation with Dr. Parker and end your dependence!

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Get to Know Dr. Shawn Parker

A Kentucky native, Dr. Parker established his practice in Cape Girardeau at Eye Care Specialists in 1998 following his corneal and refractive fellowship in Indiana. Dr. Parker was the first surgeon to perform LASIK in this area. His excellent surgical outcomes and personalized patient care have made him the most chosen LASIK doctor in southeast Missouri.

Corneal and Refractive Specialist

While general ophthalmologists are trained to care for all eye problems and conditions, subspecialists obtain additional knowledge and training in a specific area of eye care. One to two years of additional, more in-depth training, called a fellowship, in one of the main subspecialty areas such as glaucoma, retina, cornea, pediatrics, and plastic surgery, is required. This added training prepares your doctor to take care of more complex or specific conditions in certain areas of the eye. Dr. Parker’s subspecialty is corneal and refractive surgery. LASIK is a type of refractive surgery.


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