LASIK by Dr. Shawn Parker
at Eye Care Specialists!

20/20* for $2020 in 2020

20/20 Vision*

Gain clear vision through the iDesign LASIK procedure by Dr. Shawn Parker.

*All eyeballs are different. 20/20 vision cannot be guaranteed.

For $2020/eye

LASIK is typically $2250 per eye. With Dr. Parker’s 2020 celebration, you save $230 per eye*, a total savings of $460 for both eyes!

*Only one established discount applicable. However, a cash discount of $50 per eye is available in addition to the celebratory pricing.

In 2020

Schedule your LASIK procedure before August 31 for any month in 2020* to take advantage of this one-time celebratory price!

*NOTE: Celebratory pricing is offered through August 31, 2020. Procedures scheduled after August 31 will be at our regular LASIK pricing of $2250/eye.

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